Flyers may be one of the most basic forms advertising, but this does not mean they should not be paid any attention. The purpose of a flyer is to promote a business, product, or service to a vast number of potential customers. That means the flyer needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing in order to fulfill that purpose.

Due to their simplicity and cost effectiveness, flyers are an extremely important part of traditional advertising. New and old businesses can use flyers to announce upcoming events, provide information about new products, and promote special offers and deals.

Often times, flyers get tossed on the ground or in the trash because there simply isn’t anything there to attract the customer’s attention. In order to avoid a garbage destiny, and to make your flyer stand out, consider the following tips:

  1. Use Colorful Graphics. The color of the paper, font, and graphics on your flyer will greatly affect whether or not the customer’s initial visual attention is grabbed.
  2. Use Interesting Titles and Headlines. Since flyers have limited print space, and because it is assumed that recipients will not be interested in reading excessive text, it is imperative that you choose your words wisely.
  3. Offer Real Testimonials. Real life testimonials are an excellent way to gain instant trust and confidence from those who view your flyer.
  4. Always Focus on the Benefits. Don’t try to convince people to try your product or service until you have provided them with a few realistic benefits.

There is no doubt that incorporating flyers into a traditional advertising strategy is worthwhile, otherwise it wouldn’t be such a common delivery method. What is uncertain, however, is how to design and create the best flyer possible. That’s where Zelen Communications steps in, to customize and optimize your business’s flyer potential.